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PSI Engineering offers a complete service, from cradle to grave, from concept definition stages through to decommissioning.  Our attention to detail in each stage of the lifecycle provides our clients with value at each stage.  

Engineering Design Services
Design Services


Using 2D & 3D CAD systems, we can provide concept generation, detailed assembly modelling and manufacturing drawing creation.  In addition to this, PSI engineering have helped our clients gain a number of patents on new designs in various applications.

Engineering Analysis using FEA
Theoretical Validation


PSI engineering have extensive experience with finite element analysis and can provide clients robust analysis techniques to enhance the design cycle and reduce development costs overall.  

Engineering calculations to industry standards and codes
Code Assessments


Our engineers are experts in code assessments and compliance to code calculations.  Below are some of the everyday assessments we make for our clients:

  • Eurocodes Assessment

  • ASME Code Assessment

  • British Standards Code Assessment

  • Pressure Vessel Assessment


Product validation through physical testing


With extensive experience in physical validation of engineering designs, our team can provide a complete design validation or provide assistance in elements of your validation programme.  With practical knowledge and experience in strain gauging, temperature and pressure measurement, our team can be applied to design, perform or inspect.

Failure Investigation, finding the root cause
Failure Investigation

We have assisted our clients finding the root cause of failure on multiple systems and been key in the design modification required to eliminate the failure.  Some investigations we have assisted in are:


  • High Temperature Seal

  • Riser Joint Flange

  • Stern Tube Corrosion

  • Hydrogen Cylinder Bank


Project management using the latest techniques
Project Management


Our project management style is central to our ethics.   We pride our selves on delivering a programme of work that is justified and substantiable.  We will balance time-scale with cost and be open and honest at each stage.  We work to the clients project management preferences, from defence and right first time to oil and gas with considerable effort applied to what if scenarios.

Prototyping - Concept Manufacture

We have the capability to manufacture quickly using our dedicated internal manufacturing .  Here we produce:


  • Prototypes

  • Test Rigs

  • Sensors

  • Jigs & Fixtures


Experts availible for third party inspection services
Inspection / Verification


Our engineers are experts in their fields and are regularly used for inspection of parts and systems used in safety critical applications.  This includes but is not limited to forging, welding, mechanical testing, pressure testing and LTQR review/approval.

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