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Case Studies

Each section below provides a summary of some of the projects PSI Engineering has been fortunate to work on.

Nuclear Pressure Vessel Design

Class 1 Nuclear Pressure Vessel

PSI Engineering provided design, management and substantiation from concept to prototype validation.  The pressure vessel is designed to ASME BPVC, API 579 Fitness For Service & PD5500.

Large Bore Subsea Connector

Providing the design and low cost proof of concept for Large Bore (32" to 60") subsea pipeline connection.

A comprehensive market assessment was conducted, enabling a commercially competitive design to be generated.  The final design offers significant savings in component manufacture and subsea supporting  architecture, due to its significantly more compact size.  PSI engineering focused on the clamps make-up process, creating a fully optimised design.   

Heavy Machinery Large Bore Pressure Integrity
Riser Tower Test Rig

Riser Tower Validation

PSI Engineering designed and managed the manufacture of a Riser Tower Connection Test Rig.  The test rig simulated the offshore connection process, by applying structural constraints, axial and bending loads, while performing a number of assembly makeup and pressure cycles

Pressure & Loading Testing Facility

PSI Engineering designed and managed the overall pressure & load test facility installation.  Complete with pit for submerged gas testing, load testing rig and safety control system.  The facility has been design to provide testing to industry standards for the qualification and validation of pressure integrity equipment.

High Integrity Valve Stem

Interlock Valve Design

Our client required a valve that included a mechanical interlock to prevent further assembly if the valve was in the open position.  In addition to this the valve experiences significant shock loading and must maintain integrity throughout.  PSI Engineering designed a bespoke valve with integral interlock system that is capable of significant shock loading.  The valve is designed for highly corrosive environments, with a design life of 25 years

High Pressure / High Temperature Seal 

Our client required a patentable metal to metal sealing solution that could be deployed across their pressure integrity suite of products.  The design had to be tamper proof, capable of sealing up to 22.5ksi at 200C and pass Helium leak testing.  PSI met the design brief with a proven and successfully patented solution

High Pressure Seal Design
Failure investigations

Failure Investigation - RET Flange

Failure of swivel flanges on a new subsea installation could have caused large delays and considerable costs.  PSI Engineering were asked to investigate the root cause of the failure and then determine suitable operating parameters for start-up using reduced pressures.  

Fatigue Life Investigation

A number of high pressure fittings used in a safety critical application were installed with excessive torque due to unknown friction.  This yielded the connections, PSI engineering designed and manufactured a test rig to validate the friction, then modelled the installation and operational parameters using finite element methods.  We were then able to substantiate the remaining design life of the system before refit work was required.  This prevented system failure but also gave the client a safe timeline to replace the effected parts.  This prevented total plant shut down across many sites.

Fatigue Life Assessments
DSCN3047 - Copy_edited.jpg

Assembly / Lifting System

Our client required a more efficient and safer way to assemble its large pipeline components.  Previous assembly consisted of complex crane operations and took 9 hours per assembly with three operators.  Our assembly jig design provides a safe system of handling and assembly, with a reduction in operators required and a significant saving in time.  Assembly times of 2.5 hours are now the norm.

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